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About Therapy


“What is required is that we accept everything exactly as it is – including that which we find unacceptable.”
– Bassho


Therapy is first and foremost about you, and your hopes for change.

It is my role to create a safe and compassionate space for those changes to take place.

People enter therapy for a variety of reasons. Their common ground, however, is pain. Pain that we believe our lives could be more alive, our relationships more intimate and honest and our goals and dreams not be so difficult to accomplish.

Therapy provides a safe place for you to feel what you are feeling, to express your struggles, and to gain understanding and freedom from old emotional wounds. In fact, the client and therapist relationship is an important healing component in the process of therapy. Being seen and heard with our pain and frustrations in a compassionate and non-judging manner allow us to better accept ourselves and our thoughts and feelings with compassion.

I love being a part of this process of helping people accept themselves and go on to release old fears, anger, resentments, shame and old limiting beliefs to become the authentic persons they truly are.

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